Hello guys thanks to jams for cracking this new working glo cheat which all of you have been waiting for, this Free Browsing Cheat is really hot and blazing like fire

Credit to LTN Forum

This new setting work for uc handler so check out the settings for uc handler.

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Requirements For Newly Cracked Glo Tweaks

✓Glo 3g Sim (4g sim doesn’t work because it won’t bring the data on)

✓0.0k( no airtime or data is needed)

✓Download Anonytun Apk On Playstore

✓APN (Gloflat) more cracked apn apn are coming soon to boost your glo speed.

✓Patience and follow the instructions carefully.

Glo Tweaks Settings
1) Tick (Stealth Tunnel ON/OFF) to enable it.

2) Connection Protocol, choose (HTTP).

3) Connection Port (80/443).

✓ Url/ Host =
✓Request method = POST
✓Injection method = Normal

Tick the following
✓Online host

Now hit the generate button to save your settings

Or to even save your stress, download and import this file to Anonytun config file if your using the latest Anonytun on Google playstore because that support it.

Download File

Always visit Jefftechs for more update


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