Hello audience you’ll have been using the Glo free browsing cheat which came out June 2018 and up till now is still working but the problem there is that the port and APN is really the problem for one to flex it lol

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Anyway today am here for the solutions for that



Uc mini handler





Note: the cheat don’t work on 4G because a guy in my group in WhatsApp was complaining that Android 7 isn’t working with the free browsing,which is false the free browsing is working in all android phone.

Glo Data Not Coming Up 

Glo free browsing for those expressing this issue it’s easy to bring back your network by following the follow step below.

First Method

Load #50 card on your sim then exhaust the money you’ll notice that the data I’ll not go off then connect your anonytun and enjoy free browsing cheat

Second Method

Use jefftechs.com or gloflat as the APN for the data to come up so that you’ll be able to use the free browsing cheat

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How To Configure Anonytun VPN

Follow the screenshot below

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Follow the settings above that’s how to set the free browsing cheat with anonytun VPN

Download Anonytun VPN by clicking Here


If you find it out setting up the Free browsing cheat kindly lemme know via the comment box below, always visit jefftechs for more update and share with friend



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