They are a lot of “bloggers” but some of you lost the passion of “Blogging” because (AdSense banned or disable your account), or they didn’t approve your request, and because of this reason you stop blogging, because you won’t be able to earn with your website, so ask the article continue I will tell you why you need to forget about AdSense if you get disapprove or banned.
AdSense is the best platform for all bloggers to earn per click ” but when your application got disapprove, and you think is the end that you will not be able to earn with your website, say “NO” to that because I have make research for you On  How To Make Money On Your Website Without Google AdSense, now you can earn money on your website without Google AdSense.

So on this post I will give you tips on how to make money on your site without AdSense been your on site, before I continue lemme drop a shot verb below

Blog for Passion don’t blog for money

Views if you follow that you will make it in Blogging so without much talking let’s get started

How To Make Money On Your Website Without Google AdSense

there are so many way but am going to give you a few step

1.Start Your Own Service
2.Sponsored Post
3.Affiliate Site

1.Start Your Own Service
if you are a pro Blogger you can start up your own service, what do I mean by service? e.g create logo for someone and get paid also design a site for someone and get paid that is  what I mean by starting up your own service

2.Sponsored Post
this is the most sweat part to earn with your website, which lot of Bloggers have been using to earn including I myself.
but most newbie will ask how can I get Sponsored Post? is easy and simple to get a sponsored post but you will need this three thing
*Custom Domain Name
*Good SEO
*And Good DA And Pa
will this your client will be ready to work with you

3.Affiliate Site
How does this work? simple just register with any affiliate site and set your bank payment method and put the ads code in your site then if anybody com or go true it and buy a stuff there you will be giving a interest like 50%, there are alot of Affiliate site but I suggest you go for Jumia affiliate day are always trusted

Few Bloggers know about this and some don’t know about it that is why I pick it as number 4 option,
how can your earn with adfly? is simple and easy just copy any of your blog post link and shrink the link on the website they will give you another link
if you share that link anybody that go true it and skip the ads you will earn your own cent/dollar per each person who visit the url, you can withdrew your money using Payoneer or PayPal

So views this is the four step to earn with your website without Google AdSense if this article was helpful tell me by making comment below


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